How to use a blast furnace in Minecraft?: Great tutorial 2021

How to use a blast furnace in Minecraft? This question has been troubling you for a while. Hasn’t it? No wonder, it has troubled many. Nothing to freak about, today we will end your trouble with this ultimate guide on using blast furnaces in Minecraft in the year 2020. To use it you need one. If you want to know how to make a blast furnace Minecraft

Today we will be taking two example use cases of blast furnaces i.e smelting the diamond ore and making a golden helmet. Both are very useful cases after all. With these use cases, you will get a general idea of how to use blast furnaces. That is the end goal of this guide to prepare you to use blast furnaces according to your need with ultimate ease.


Fundamental Concept of using a Blast Furnace in Minecraft:

Well, it is quite straight forward to use a Minecraft blast furnace, like furnaces. All you have to know is that it can be used for melting items. Then, you have to just pour some fuel in the bottom-left cell/box and throw the item which has to be smelt to the top-left cell.

Once you do so, the state of blast furnace will change to “lit”. Thereafter, item will be smelted at twice the pace. Also, fuel will get consumed at twice the pace as well. But you will save a lot of time. So, it is quite profitable to use a blast furnace. After the item is smelted, you can collect the smelted item by selecting ‘use item’.

If you use a blast furnace on a block of iron ore, then it will melt it to iron ingots quickly. This will save you time so that you can use the iron ingots in other crafting processes like helmets or weapons. Also, weapons and tools can also be smelted using the same approach.

So, we have discussed the basic concept of using it. Now we will discuss the specific approach to get a diamond by smelting a diamond ore and creating golden helmets using gold ingots. Note: gold ingots will be created using blast furnace.

How to use a blast furnace to smelt a diamond ore in Minecraft?

Item Required:

diamond ore

1 Diamond Ore: It is the ore of diamond present in Minecraft. It cannot be crafted with a crafting table or furnace. Instead, we have to mine for and gather it. Now the question arrives on how to gather it. Let’s see how.


You can get a diamond ore in Minecraft by mining for it with a diamond pickaxe or iron pickaxe enchanted with a silk touch. Let’s see steps to do so:

1. First of all, find a block of diamond ore in the large deposits. Usually, it is located between 13 to 31 deposits below the ground. For hint look at y-coordinate = 12. Sometimes, it becomes hard to find one but most of the time you will find diamond ore using this strategy.

diamond ore loc

2. Now hold a pickaxe, one out of suggested ones. If you try to dig with some other tool then you are destined to fail because you will not gather any diamond ore in your inventory.

diamond ore pickaxe

3. Now mine for the diamond ore. Mining controls depend on platforms.

4. Once mining is complete, diamond ore will appear as a drop and you will see it. Then pick it up before it disappears. After you pick it up, it will show up in Hotbar.

diamond ore


Steps to smelt diamond ore:

1. First of all, place the blast furnace from your Hotbar to the desired block. At this point if you don’t have one in your inventory, then create a blast furnace Minecraft. To place it, position your pointer on the block where you want to place the blast furnace. Once you do so, the block will become highlighted.

how to use a blast furnace 1
how to use a blast furnace 2

2. Next add fuel to the bottom cell of the blast furnace. In this tutorial we are using coal as fuel. You can choose any fuel you wish. However, some fuel last longer than others.

how to use a blast furnace 3

3. Next add the item i.e diamond ore to blast furnace’s upper cell. Once you do so, flames will appear in between cells. Then smelting will start and you will get diamond in a while.

how to use a blast furnace 4

4. After smelting is complete, the diamond will appear in the right cell. then just move the item to your inventory.

how to use a blast furnace 5


How to use a blast furnace to make a Gold Ingot?

gold ingot

Gold Ingot: It is one of the most important items in your inventory. It can be used to craft or make armors, weapons, tools, food, etc. Instead of the crafting table, we can use the furnace to achieve our goal.

Items Required:

1 Gold Ore: To get a gold ore you have to mine for and gather it. Let’s see how you can get it.


1. first of all, find a block of gold ore in large deposits. Gold ore is quite easy to find compared to diamond ore. It can be found, usually, between 10 to 31 blocks below the ground.

2. Hold a pickaxe, choose whichever you wanna choose, and mine for the gold ore. Controls for mining depend on the platform. If you use any other tool, then gold ore will not appear. Hence, you fail. Once mining is complete, you will find the gold ore floating on the ground.

3. Then pick it up and it will show up in the hotbar. Remember, you should pick it up before it disappears.

Steps to craft gold ingot:

1. Open then furnace menu so that you see a screen with two cells for input and one cell for output. Like these:

furnace menu

2. The next step is to add fuel to the bottom cell of the furnace. Here, we are using coal as fuel. However, remember that some fuel lasts longer. So you can choose whichever you want.

add fuel

3. Next, add item i.e gold ore in the top cell of the furnace menu. Once you do so, flames will appear. It indicates that smelting has started and you will get gold ingot in a while.

4. Once smelting finishes, you will see gold ingot in the right cell of the furnace menu. Once it does, add it to your inventory. Now you can use this gold ingot to craft a helmet for yourself.

How to craft gold helmet in Minecraft?

golden helmet

In Minecraft, gold helmets are very useful. They are one of the many items of armour. Let’s see how we can create one.

NOTE: We will need 5 gold ingots.

Steps to make gold helmet:

1. First of all open the crafting table. It should be 3×3 crafting grid for convenience and purpose. It should look like this:

crafting table

2. Add all the 5 gold ingots in the crafting table such that row one gets 3 gold ingots, row two gets 2 gold ingots, leave the middle cell empty, and row three is empty. Once you have filled the table with the correct pattern then gold helmet will appear in the right cell of the table.

3. Next, move the gold helmet to the inventory. Congratulation you have crafted the gold helmet successfully.



So here we are at the end of the guide on how to use a blast furnace to craft your desired items in Minecraft. We hope you have enjoyed the guide and learned valuable information. With this knowledge, you can create anything you wish. So, all the best. We will see you in another guide. GoodBye.